Events Center Telescopic Bleacher Renewal, Bldg. 505 (Prequalified DB Contractors)



Accepting Bids

Prebid Date10/2/20 1:30 pm

Bid Date10/27/20 2:30 pm

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UCSB Design and Construction Services

James Gonzales, University Rep.


UCSB Campus

NOTE: A proposer must be registered and logged into the UCSB planroom to submit its proposal electronically via the ‘Submit Bid’ tab above AND that bid must be submitted prior to the stated bid deadline.

Introduction: The University is seeking to upgrade the telescoping platform seating within the circa 1977, 60,000 square foot UCSB Events Center (aka “Thunderdome”) building. The University is seeking a qualified design build team to provide a turn-key solution for the replacement of the telescoping platform seating within the Events Center.

The University’s primary objective in utilizing the design-build approach is to bring the best available integrated design and construction experience to this project. The University determined that proposers who submit proposals on this project must be prequalified. Accordingly, the firms listed below have been prequalified to submit a design-build proposal, as described under Request for Proposals (RFP) No. FM200511S/982050.

Background: The Events Center (aka “Thunderdome”) is located on the University main campus and was built in 1977. It was designed with two mezzanine basketball courts at its east and west sides. The University is currently seeking to upgrade the telescoping platform seating within the Events Center. The project will include the same number of multiple-tiered seating rows, but the design-build contractor shall look for opportunities for ADA viewing experiences, seating comfort and style to maximize the number of seats. In addition the overall performance, quality and speed of operation shall be improved upon with the nesting closed dimension to be minimized to allow for more court space.

Project Description: The successful design-build contractor (“Contractor”) shall replace the telescopic bleacher throughout the Events Center with chair back seating, configured with arm rests, cup holders and other attributes to help with organization, operation and ease of operation. The design shall allow for phasing and alternates to allow the University to replace intermittently over several basketball season periods.

Based on the proposal and the evaluation criteria contained in the RFP, the University will determine which design-build proposal provides the Best Value to the University, based upon price and the technical factors enumerated in the RFP. Desirable design enhancements or design innovations included in a firm’s proposal will result in a higher Best Value score for that firm.

Prequalification Requirement(s): Only the following prequalified desiign-build contractors will be permitted to submit a proposal for the work descriibed in the RFP:

1. Hussey Seating Company
2. Irwin Seating Company
3. Sierra School Equipment Company

License Requirement(s): D-34 (Prefabricated Equipment)

Maximum Acceptance Cost: $680,000. Note, any firm submitting a proposal cost in excess of the stipulated Maximum Acceptance Cost will be deemed non-responsive, thereby eliminating that firm from further consideration in the competitive process.

Bid (Proposal) Security: Proposal (Bid) Security in the amount of 10% of the Lump Sum Base Proposal shall accompany each proposal. The surety issuing the Proposal (Bid) Bond shall be, on the proposal deadline, an admitted surety insurer (as defined in the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 995.120)

General Project Information: Every effort will be made to ensure that all persons have equal access to contracts and other business opportunities with the University within the limits imposed by law or University policy. Each Proposer may be required to show evidence of its equal employment opportunity policy. The successful Proposer and its subcontractors will be required to follow the nondiscrimination requirements set forth in the RFP Documents and to pay prevailing wage at the location of the work.

The work described in the contract is a public work subject to section 1771 of the California Labor Code. No contractor or subcontractor, regardless of tier, may be listed on a Bid for, or engage in the performance of, any portion of this project, unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5 and 1771.1. This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations.