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Chemistry Building Seismic Improvements - CM Services


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Bid Date12/20/22 4:00pm

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Introduction: Statements of Qualifications submittals are hereby solicited by the University of California, Santa Barbara (“University”) from contractors and/or consultants with relevant experience to provide pre-design and construction management services for the planned Chemistry Building Seismic Improvements project (“Project”), as is more fully described in this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) No. FM230139. The Construction Manager (“CM”) shall possess relevant experience in evaluating seismic retrofit projects involving research buildings, as well as experience constructing laboratory buildings in a higher education context, preferably within the University of California system.

Project Description: The Project is currently in the pre-design/planning phase and will include seismic improvements and renovation of the 103,749 GSF University Chemistry Building (Bldg. No. 557), located on the northern edge of the University’s Campus Green. An evaluation of the Chemistry Building’s structural integrity has indicated a Seismic Performance Rating (“SPR”) VI, failing to meet the requirements of the UC Seismic Safety Policy (see Exhibit D) requiring an SPR IV. The UC Regents approved and funded a Planning Phase study for the Chemistry Building Seismic Improvements project based on a conceptual study and Project Planning Guide (“PPG”) that was prepared in December 2019 (see Exhibit E). This conceptual study describes an interior seismic retrofit project that would bring the building into compliance. However, the PPG concept requires additional analyses to ensure both programmatic and operational requirements are met, confirm constructability, develop approaches to construction phasing, as well as, further analyzing the probable construction costs.

If funded, the Project will be a CM-at-Risk (“CMAR”) delivery, and the CMAR will be retained under a separate, competitive bid solicitation. Note, award of an agreement associated with this Planning Phase of the Project for Construction Manager Services could exclude the awarded firm from participating in the subsequent CMAR project for construction of the Chemistry Building Seismic Improvements project. The overall construction budget for the PPG project is approximately $60,000,000.

Scope of CM Services: To understand the range of possibilities that could be employed to address the seismic retrofit, the selected CM will work in close collaboration with the University-hired design team and UCSB faculty and staff. The University-hired design team was selected in 2022 to lead the planning and design effort through this Phase 1A (planning) effort as well as Phase 1B (design).

Equal Opportunity Statement: Each candidate firm will be required to show evidence of its equal employment opportunity policy. Every effort will be made to ensure that all persons shall have equal access to contracts and other business opportunities with the University, regardless of: race; color; religion; sex; age; ancestry; national origin; sexual orientation; physical or mental disability; veteran’s status; medical condition; genetic information; marital status; gender identity; pregnancy; service in the uniformed services; or citizenship within the limits imposed by law or University’s policy.